Welcome to the final room of the episode. In this room you will have to put things together creatively in order to escape. We are here to walk you through the stage if you get stuck.

Room Break 6-5 Room

Before we start solving the different puzzles, pick up everything in the room.

1. Pick up a knife on the shelf.
2-3. Open the drawers to obtain two pencils.
Room Break 6-5 Open Drawer

4. Pick up an oxygen cutter.
5. Pick up the oxygen tank.
6. Obtain a hook on the floor.
7. Grab the gas tank to the side of the room.

Now let’s do some mixing to get our items ready to break out of here.
Room Break 6-5 Items

Mix the knife with the two pencils to get two lead.
Room Break 6-5 Sharpen Pencil

Mix the Oxygen cutter with the two kind of tanks to obtain a fire cutter.
Room Break 6-5 Make Fire

8-9. Place the leads into the slots.
Room Break 6-5 Placing LeadRoom Break 6-5 Placed Lead

10. Use the oxygen cutter to break out of the panel. Press the button to complete the circuit and break out of the room.
Room Break 6-5 Burn PanelRoom Break 6-5 Turn On ElectricityRoom Break 6-5 Move To Another Room

Room Break 6-5 Room 2

1. Grab the key on the box.

2. Obtain a piece of rope next to the pillar.

Combine the hook with the rope.

3. Place the hooked rope near the ceiling and escape!
Room Break 6-5 Combine RopeRoom Break 6-5 Hooking Rope

Room Break 6-5 Climb

Use the gold key to break out of the door and congratulations for beating the game.
Room Break 6-5 Open DoorRoom Break 6-5 Final Escape

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