Welcome to the final stage of this episode. This stage can be really hard if you do not understand how the final puzzle works. Worry not, we are here to help you with the most detailed walkthrough guide online.

Room Break 4-5 Room

Room Break 4-5 Lining Up

Room Break 4-5 Room 4

1. Read the note on the wall to get clue. You will have to line up the clocks in the previous room to form a “line”. Head back to the skeleton room.
Room Break 4-5 Wall Note

2. Form a line by pressing the buttons.
Room Break 4-5 Lining Up

3-6. Pick up all the skeletons.
Room Break 4-5 Obtain the Skeletons

7. Place the skeletons to the holder. The order of skeleton is 1234.
Room Break 4-5 Placing Skeletons

8. Press the blue button to start the musical puzzle.
9. Finish the musical puzzle by using the following sequence: 1231, 313, 2344, 324. After you finish, press the blue button again and collect all the items on the floor.
Room Break 4-5 Musical NotesRoom Break 4-5 Obtain Item

10. You will have to do some item combination to get the items. The torch goes in this slot.
Room Break 4-5 Combined Items

11. Place the book in this slot.
Room Break 4-5 Place Items

12. Press the snake to start the final puzzle. You will see a icon in the middle of the portal, and you will have to guess what is it by using 13. Below is a list of all the answers and what they look like.
Room Break 4-5 Start Puzzle

1: Pendant
2: Earth
3: Alien
4: Crystal
5: English
6: Peace

Room Break 4-5 Pendant IconRoom Break 4-5 Pendant

Room Break 4-5 Earth IconRoom Break 4-5 Earth

Room Break 4-5 Alien IconRoom Break 4-5 Alien

Room Break 4-5 Crystal IconRoom Break 4-5 Crystal

Room Break 4-5 English IconRoom Break 4-5 English

Room Break 4-5 Peace IconRoom Break 4-5 Peace

14. After completing the set of puzzles with answers, you can final do the final escape and finish the episode!

Room Break 4-5 Escape

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