Welcome to the last stage of this episode. Compared to the hard puzzles in the previous stages, this one is relatively easy. Let us guide you through this room and help you escape in one piece.

There are couple of doors in this stage, however the puzzles are pretty straight forward.

You arrive at a door. All you have to do is to add the numbers on the top of the door to open the lock. 1+5+6+7+9 = 28. Use 28 as the code to break the first door.
Room Break 5-5 Outside DoorRoom Break 5-5 Outside Door Solution

For the second door, the only letters that you can read from your side is PUSH. Use the code Push to unlock the glass door.
Room Break 5-5 Inner DoorRoom Break 5-5 Inner Door Answer

With the last puzzle, you will have to switch to “feet” actions. Press on all the squares as followed because the door shows you the pattern. After which, you can escape the room in one piece and enjoy the ending! Congratulations for beating the entire episode.
Room Break 5-5 InsideRoom Break 5-5 Final Escape