In this stage, your goal is to turn on the power to exit the room. There are a couple different items that you have to pick up. With our detailed walkthrough guide, you will not be able to miss out

Room Break 6-3 Room

1. Pick up a rod.
2. Pick up another rod.
3. Obtain the hammer on the floor.
4. Get a note on the table.
5. Take the rod under the blanket.
6. Get the rod under the chair.
7. Pick up another note.
8. Use the hammer to break the shalf.
Room Break 6-3 Use HammerRoom Break 6-3 Break Shelf

Check the notes to get directions on how to place the rods.
Room Break 6-3 Note 1Room Break 6-3 Note 2

9. Place the rods based on the following pattern.
Room Break 6-3 Placing Rods

10. Turn on the green button to open the door for the safe.

11. Check the TV for the passcode.
Room Break 6-3 TV Clue

12. Use the passcode to unlock the safe and get a key.
Room Break 6-3 Safe CodeRoom Break 6-3 Open Safe

Walkthrough the door to the previous room.
Room Break 6-3 Go Through Door

A. Insert the key.
Room Break 6-3 Placing Key

B. Turn on the device.

Walk back to the other room and escape!
Room Break 6-3 Final Escape

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