In this room, you will have to freeze the locks in order to break free. If you are having trouble to pass the stage, you have come to the right place for the complete walkthrough to help you beat the stage.

Room Break 6-4 Room

1. Pick up the empty bottle on the floor.
2. Pick up a wheel.
3. Grab the hammer on the box.
4. Open the drawer to get key. (Optional) You will realize that the key breaks when you try to use it. So you have to find another way out.
Room Break 6-4 Old Key

5. Place the wheel on the barrel. Turn it out to get a pool of oil. Use the bottle in the pool of oil to obtain a bottle of oil.
Room Break 6-4 Placing WheelRoom Break 6-4 Fill OilRoom Break 6-4 Oil Bottle

6. Take off the cloth cover in the center. Pour the bottle of oil on it to loosen the wheels. Turn all the wheels to the left side to open it up.
Room Break 6-4 Take Off CoverRoom Break 6-4 Oil Wheel

Room Break 6-4 Move Wheel

7. Press the button to release the freezing air to freeze the lock.
Room Break 6-4 Turn on Ice

8. Use the hammer to break yourself free from the room.
Room Break 6-4 Break DoorRoom Break 6-4 Final Escape

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