You have now escaped to be stuck inside a kitchen. This stage is pretty straight forward but can also be a little frustrating if you do not know what you are looking for. We have provided the best walkthrough to help you beat the stage easily.

Room Break 3-3 Room

1. First of all, open the drawer to obtain a green duct tape.
2. Grab the tweezers on the table.
3. Open the freeze to get a block of ice with key.
4. Get the lighter from the drawer.

5. Change to magnifying glass to observe the musical notes on the wall. Remember to scroll to get the whole picture. From here, you will see the code 0174 with <. This means that the code is 4710
Room Break 3-3 Musical NoteRoom Break 3-3 Musical Note 1

6. Use the code 4710 to open the safe.
Room Break 3-3 Safe Code

7. Grab the wick and a handful of gunpowder.

Now you will do some combining to create the bomb. Mix the wick with the gunpowder. Then mix the green duct table with the bomb.

Room Break 3-3 Make Bomb

8. Place the ice cube inside the water on the stove.

Room Break 3-3 Iced Key
9. Turn on the stove. Use the tweezer to obtain the key that is now obtainable after the ice melts.

Room Break 3-3 Grab Iced Key

10. Place the bomb on the door. Use the lighter to light up the bomb. Exit the room to get to the hall way.

Room Break 3-3 Use BombRoom Break 3-3 Light Bomb

11. Use the key on the door to the right and escape!
Room Break 3-3 Use Key

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