The Sphinx room is another room that is straight forward. However, this walkthrough will help you to obtain S rank by helping to know exactly where to look.

Room Break 4-2 Room

1. First pick up the hammer.
2. Pick up an airplane.
3. Place the airplane into the slot on the right side of wall to obtain a fossil piece.
4. Use the hammer to break the part underneath the sphinx face. Place the fossil piece inside.
Room Break 4-2 Break CenterRoom Break 4-2 Fossile

5. Use the hammer to break the floor with the mark to obtain a piece of eye.
Room Break 4-2 Break Floor

6. Grab a piece of eye from the sphinx.
Room Break 4-2 Grab Eye

Combine the two eye pieces together. Place it back into the sphinx eye socket.
Room Break 4-2 Combine EyeRoom Break 4-2 Place Eye

7. Check the pyramid to start the puzzle. Note the code on the floor showing 1324 Use that to solve the pyramid puzzle.

Room Break 4-2 Pyramid Puzzle 1Room Break 4-2 Pyramid Puzzle SolutionRoom Break 4-2 Break Sphinx

9. After solving the puzzle, you will see that you will have to break the sphinx. Now use the hammer. You will have to strike twice.
Room Break 4-2 Strike 1Room Break 4-2 Strike 2

8. After the sphinx is broken, you can now grab an earth from the pyramid. Place it into the center.
Room Break 4-2 Place Earth

10. Escape from the room!
Room Break 4-2 Escape

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