In this room, you will have to clean up the blood to obtain the secret code to pass the stage. If you are stuck with any part of the stage, refer to this quick walkthrough to help you obtain the S rank in the game.

Room Break 2-2 Room

1. First of all, open the blind to see the clue Blood erase.
Room Break 2-2 Behind Curtain

2. Open the drawer and pick up a key.
3. Pick up the police bag.
4. Obtain the metal plate on the floor.

5. Use the metal plate on the drawer to open it up. Grab the scissors inside.
Room Break 2-2 Open the DrawerRoom Break 2-2 Scissors

6. Use the scissors to cut open the police tape.
Room Break 2-2 Cut The Tape

7. Mix the police bag with the key. You will now have to do some dividing and mixing of the chemicals. Use the final chemical on the pool of blood to clean it up.
Room Break 2-2 Open Police BagRoom Break 2-2 Bag Content

Room Break 2-2 Police Bag DivideRoom Break 2-2 Mix the Chemical

Room Break 2-2 Clean the Blood

8. Flip the light switch to see that the blood has changed color. Note the code 7230. Remember to turn the light back on or you will not be able to exit the room later.
Room Break 2-2 Clue

9. Use the code 7230 to open up the door.
Room Break 2-2 Keypad SolutionRoom Break 2-2 Open the Door

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