You first start this room in complete dark. Turn on the light and continue to explore everything. This room is fairly simple that all you need is to collect all the machine parts to complete the puzzle. If you are stuck, you can use this detailed guide to help you get out.

First, turn on the light by tapping on the light bulb.
Room Break 6-2 Room Dark

After tuning on the light, you will be able to explore the room.
Room Break 6-2 Light Room

1. First tap on the shadow in the back to get some story. Although this is not required.
2. Pick up the hammer.

3-10. Pick all the various machine parts lying around the room.
Room Break 6-2 Open Boxes

11. Use the hammer to break the wooden board to pick up the last machine piece.
Room Break 6-2 Use Hammer

12. Open the cabinet, place all the machine parts inside to trigger a puzzle. In this puzzle, you will have to fill out the entire box like a tetris.
Room Break 6-2 Placing PartsRoom Break 6-2 Start Puzzle

Room Break 6-2 Tetris PuzzleRoom Break 6-2 Puzzle Solution

After completing the puzzle, the room on the right will open and you will be able to escape!
Room Break 6-2 Escape

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