Your next escape task is the museum statue room. In this room you will have to decipher a few different puzzles in order to complete. Follow this strategy cheat walkthrough to help you beat the stage easily.

Room Break 5-2 Room

First of all, let’s pick up everything on the floor.
1. Pick up the fire extinguisher.
2. Pick up a hammer.
3. Pick up the mirror.
4. Obtain the water bottle on the floor.

Use the Fire extinguisher to reveal all the lasers present in the room. Place the mirror on where the statue is to break all the lasers. Then pick up the statue on the floor.
Room Break 5-2 Laser Beams

5. Observe the board on the wall to get a clue. Note the word “ELEL” and “7373” when flipped upside down. In addition, note the “minesweeper” puzzle and try to solve where all the mines are. If you are not sure how it works, we will not the exact locations later in this walkthrough guide.
Room Break 5-2 Wall Clue

6. Open the shelf puzzle with the code “ELEL”. Obtain a piece of paper with the color sequence: blue, yellow, red and green.
Room Break 5-2 Open SafeRoom Break 5-2 Color Sequence

7. Add the bottle of the water into the center. Now it will reveal some clues for the symbols. Combine “7373” with the symbols on the floor to obtain a passcode.
Room Break 5-2 Center Clue

8. Use the passcode in the previous step to open the safe. You will obtain a set of keys.
Room Break 5-2 Clue Puzzle

Divide the set of keys to obtain individual pieces.

9-12. If you were able to solve the minesweeper puzzle, use the hammer to break the floor at these locations. Use the keys of corresponding color to open them up.
Room Break 5-2 Floor BreakingRoom Break 5-2 Use Keys

Now, you will need to press the different buttons in the following sequence blue, yellow, red and green. Doing so will reveal the final lock in the center. Use the golden key to open the center safe. Obtain the statue: The Three Shades.
Room Break 5-2 Broken FloorRoom Break 5-2 The Three Shades

13. Place the Three Shades on top of the door.
14. Place the thinker below the Three Shades on the top edge of the door.
Room Break 5-2 Placing Statues

Escape from the room!

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