In this new episode of Room Break: Escape Now, you are a suspect who is under hypnosis. You will have to escape through each of the sessions. We have compiled a detailed walkthrough to help you cheat and escape through each of the stages with S Rank.

Room Break 2-1 Room

1. Pick up the hammer on the table.
2. Use the hammer on the vase to break it, obtain the key.

Room Break 2-1 HammerRoom Break 2-1 Key

3. Use the key to open up the drawer on the left and obtain a tool box set.
Room Break 2-1 DrawerRoom Break 2-1 Tool Set

Divide the tool box and obtain different shaped screw drivers.
Room Break 2-1 Star Screwdriver

4. Use the star shaped screwdriver to open up the electrical panel.
Room Break 2-1 Electrical BoxRoom Break 2-1 Switch

After flipping the switch, you will see the code on the window. 0213.

5. With the code on the window, put the code into the number lock to the right side of the room to unlock. The cheat code is 0213
Room Break 2-1 Window CodeRoom Break 2-1 Door Lock Solution

6. Exit the room and escape!
Room Break 2-1 Room Exit