This walkthrough will help you to escape from room 2 of Episode 1 in Room Break. By following the steps, you will be able to achieve the S ranking easily.

Room Break 1-2 Room

1. Pick up the wire cutter on the floor.
2. Pick up the cloth hanger.

Combine the wire cutter and the cloth hanger to obtain a long wire.
Room Break 1-2 Combine

3. Use the wire hook underneath the bed to obtain a button.
Room Break 1-2 Hook

4. Place the button onto the electric fan to the right side of the room.

5. Pick up the clue to see the paper showing the code: 6614
Room Break 1-2 Clue

6. Use the code: 6614 to open the safe to obtain the key.
Room Break 1-2 Safe Answer

7. Use the key on the door and open use. Remember to change it to “movement” feet and walk out the door.
Room Break 1-2 Key

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