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  1. In the first Puzzle all rows and colums add up to 30.
    Second puzzle as mentioned above.
    In the last Puzzle I can only figure the following:
    – Adding up outer, middle and inner piece always results in 18. This gives you the first three numbers.
    – If you fill all empty spaces with this rule (even the ones which you don’t need for the code), then each circle adds up to 48. In this way then you can get the last number nine for the blue field.

  2. For A, every row and column add up to 30. 10+5+5+4=24 so yellow = 6.
    C: each section adds to 18. Except for blue 9 – got no clue.
    Took me a while to understand the clue for B: there 7 stars with only the center filled in, etc.

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