In this room, you are being interrogated for the murders and now you must escape. If you are stuck with any part of the room, you can use this walkthrough and cheat to guide you through the stage easily and fast.

Room Break 2-4 Room

1. Pick up the wooden stick on the floor. (try using it on the glass in 7 only to find that the wooden stick is too weak to break the glass.)
2. Open up the cabinet on the right side of the room. Obtain the wrench inside.
3 and 4. Use the wrench on the nuts.
5. Pick up the pipe after removing the nuts.
Room Break 2-4 Pipe

6. Observe the different kinds of skulls on the computer screen.
Room Break 2-4 Skull 1Room Break 2-4 Skull 2Room Break 2-4 Skull 3Room Break 2-4 Skull 4Room Break 2-4 Skull 5Room Break 2-4 Skull 6

7. With the different skull numbers, you will be able to find the answers. 6412. Or you can use the quick tap guide as shown in the picture.
Room Break 2-4 Skull LockRoom Break 2-4 Skull Lock Answer

8. After solving for the puzzle, the door will unlock and you can walk into the next room.
Room Break 2-4 Second Room

1. Open the blind to see the hidden message.
Room Break 2-4 Window Message

2. Open the drawer to pick up some computer wires.
Room Break 2-4 Wire

3. Plug the wire into the socket to turn on the computer.
4. After the computer has been turned on, check the different screen for the codes to open the locks.

Room Break 2-4 Computer Screen 1Room Break 2-4 Computer Screen 2Room Break 2-4 Computer Screen 3

Obtain the gears hidden behind each of the locks
5. Open the lock with the code 1856
6. Open the lock with the code 7553
7. Open the coded lock with the code 6494

Room Break 2-4 Gears

8. Place the gears into the circle lock and starts the last puzzle. This puzzle is fairly simple that you only have to line up the lines for the different gears.
Room Break 2-4 Gear PuzzleRoom Break 2-4 Gear Puzzle Solution

9. After the lock puzzle has been solved, you can simply walk out the door by switching to the foot action.