In this first stage of Episode 3, your goal is to escape after killing the boss. If you are stuck with any of the part in this stage, use the cheat walkthrough to pass.

Room Break 3-1 Room

1. Pick up a bottle of ash.
2. Pick up a brush on the desk.
3. Obtain the ink.
4. Grab the tape from the drawer.

Next, divide a piece of tape from the tape dispenser.

Room Break 3-1 Get Piece of Tape

Combine the piece of tape with the ink.

Room Break 3-1 Combine Tape with Ink

5. Use the tape with ink on Boss’s finger.

Now mix the ash with the brush.

Room Break 3-1 Ash and Brush Mix

6. Use the mixed brush with ash on the security system.
Room Break 3-1 Use Brush

Now act on the system and you should be able to see the code: 1670

Room Break 3-1 Finger Print Puzzle

Use the tape with boss’ finger print on the security system to escape from the room!

Room Break 3-1 Exit the Room

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