Welcome to the final stage of the Room Break Episode 2. Your goal in this stage is to leave the room! Like the other guides, if you are stuck with any part of the stage, you have come to the right place to help you solve the different puzzles.

Room Break 2-5 Room

1. First, open up the curtain to “realize” that you are in the real world now.
Room Break 2-5 Window

2. Read the little plaque and observe a clue:
When a sum of two other’s meanings becomes the ones meaning, the future road will open for all
Room Break 2-5 Clue

3. Open up drawer number 1 and pick up a plastic box with bullets.
4. Open up drawer number 4.
5. This is important! You can now open drawer number 5 because the previous drawers (1+4) = 5. If you have opened the other drawers out of the order, you will not be open number. This also works for drawer 2+3. If you did it out of order. Simply close the drawers. Open drawer number 5 and pick up another piece of memo.
Room Break 2-5 Open Drawer

6. Open the drawer number 3 to obtain electrical wire.

7. Pick up the notes on the floor.
8. Pick up the key from the book.

9. Use the key to open up the drawer and obtain the shotgun.
Room Break 2-5 Open Lock Drawer

9. Take out the bullets from the plastic by using divide. Combine the bullets with the shot gun. Shoot the door twice until the door opens. Exit the room to enter the hall way.
Room Break 2-5 Bullet BoxRoom Break 2-5 Shoot Door

Room Break 2-5 Hallway

1. Pick up the final piece of note.
2. Pick up the wire cutter on the table.

3. Combine the wire and the wire cutter and place it into the electrical wiring area.
Room Break 2-5 Combine Wire and Wire Cutter

4. Combine all the pieces of notes that you have to obtain a clue. Use the clue to solve for the electrical puzzle.
Room Break 2-5 Completed NotesRoom Break 2-5 Electrical Puzzle Answers

5. Exit the room and enjoy the final story!

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