In this room, your goal is to escape without any door. If you are stuck with any part of the game, you have come to the right walkthrough to guide you through the exit.

Room Break 2-3 Room

1. First all open up the window to see a window message:
Room Break 2-3 Window

2. Pick up the knife on the table.
3. Pick up the chair
4. Pick up the empty pot.
5. Pick up a handle
6. Obtain the fire extinguisher on the couch. You can use the fire extinguisher on the fire only to find out that it will break.

9. Use the knife on the painting to open it up. After a mini game of cutting open the fabric, you will note the pattern of the eye movements: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT
Room Break 2-3 CutRoom Break 2-3 Picture Clue

7. With the unlock sequence of UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT. Open up the direction lock.

8. Pick up the key after the hidden safe opens.

10. Use the small key on the cabinet to obtain the battery.
Room Break 2-3 Battery

Room Break 2-3 Combine Battery

11. Use the small key to open up the cabinet and obtain the drill gun.

12. Combine the driller with the battery. Use the driller to break the water tank. Then use the empty container to get the water.
Room Break 2-3 Drill GunRoom Break 2-3 Drill Water

Room Break 2-3 Break WaterRoom Break 2-3 Fill Water

13. With the container full of water, you will be able to put out the fire. Place the chair under the chimney. Then you can escape the room by switching to the “foot” action.
Room Break 2-3 ChairRoom Break 2-3 Place Chair

Room Break 2-3 Exit the Room