Welcome to the last room of this Episode. Now you really have to get out of the office building. In this puzzle, you will have to go through pretty much all of the previous rooms to gather the materials for escape. We have provided you with the most detailed and easy to follow walkthrough. You will be able to breakout of this room in no time.

Room Break 3-5 Entertainment Room

First of all, you will start your item gathering from the entertainment room.

1. Pick up the hammer on the table.

Next, head back to the hallway and to the kitchen to pick up more items.

Room Break 3-5 Kitchen

2. Pick up a knife on the table.
3. Get the wine bottle opener.
4. Use the knife to cut a piece of curtain. You will trigger a mini game.

Room Break 3-5 Curtain 1

Head out from the kitchen, through the hallway into the closet.

Room Break 3-5 Closet

Pick up everything inside the room.

5. Get a wire nip inside the drawer.
6. Obtain a hanger from the clothing rack.
7. Get the diamond ring necklace from the display.
8. Take out your knife again and cut another piece of curtain.

Room Break 3-5 Curtain 2

Head into the office again.

Room Break 3-5 Office

9. Take out your knife and cut another piece of the curtain from the mini game.
Room Break 3-5 Curtain 3

Now you have obtained everything you need. Head back to the entertainment room.

Room Break 3-5 Entertainment Room

Combine the wire nick with the hanger to obtain a piece of wire.

Room Break 3-5 Mix Wire

10. Check the electrical breaker and place the wire inside.
Room Break 3-5 Insert Wire

11. Turn on the disco light.
12. Turn off the light inside the room to see the patter better. Remember to turn the light back on.
Room Break 3-5 Disco Light

13. Check the wine holder lock and input the light pattern code as the disco light.
Room Break 3-5 Wine Holder Puzzle

14. Grab the red wine.

Combine the redwine with the bottle opener to obtain a bottle cork. Notice the marking on there says 1111

15. Use the code 1111 to unlock the window.
Room Break 3-5 Wine Puzzle

16. Use the diamond necklace to crack the window first. Then use the hammer to break a hole in the window. Then, combine all the curtain pieces that you have obtained. Place the curtain by the window hole. And make your grand escape from the mission! (Or not)!
Room Break 3-5 Diamond Ring CutRoom Break 3-5 Combine CurtainsRoom Break 3-5 Place Curtain

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