This is one of the harder rooms in this episode. To escape from this room, you will have to travel back and forth between the rooms to obtain the clue. If you are stuck with any of the rooms, you can use this walkthrough to quickly help you solve the stage.

Because the stage takes you through all three rooms back and forth. We have labeled the walkthrough numbers accordingly.

Room Break 3-4 RoomRoom Break 3-4 Room 1

1. Grab the notes on the floor and read the numbers: 4,1,8,12,9,7,52,10. This is a clue for the next room.
Room Break 3-4 Number Note

2. Open the safe by matching the save code with the pattern on the floor. Exit through to the second room. You will realize that you are back to the same room.
Room Break 3-4 Floor Puzzle

3. In this room, there are a couple clues left behind. First check the clock you will read:

Room Break 3-4 Room 1
“The red hand of a clock pauses at 5.”.

4. Tap the compass on the table to read:
“The hand of the clock points to North.”

Room Break 3-4 Clue 2

5. Observe the set of books to see a set of letters matched with numbers. This is your “secret” key to get the clues from the numbers that you have obtained.
Room Break 3-4 Encylopedia

Remember to piece of paper that you have found? 4,1,8,12,9,7,52,10 = BLUE SHIRT

6. Grab the dagger from the dagger holder.

7. Now head back to the closet room, remember to switch back to “feet” action.

8. Use the knife on the BLUE SHIRT to trigger to cutting mini game. Grab the key that falls onto the floor.
Room Break 3-4 Use KnifeRoom Break 3-4 Cut Solution

9. Use the key to unlock the display case.
Room Break 3-4 Use Key

10. Now you will see a watch puzzle. Your goal is to figure out which direction goes where. Remember the clue that you got in the other room? You will see that 5 o’clock is north. Now just get the rest of the directions with WSNE. Observe how the watches turn to 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 12 o’clock. Use the encyclopedia clue to come with the phrase VASE
Room Break 3-4 Watch PuzzleRoom Break 3-4 Watch Puzzle Solution

11. Head back to the other room. Open the safe with the code VASE to obtain a vase.
Room Break 3-4 Safe Code Cheat

After obtaining the vase from the safe. Use “divide” to get the key.
Room Break 3-4 Divide Vase

12. Travel back through the closet room and to the hall way. Use the key and make your final escape from this stage!
Room Break 3-4 Final Escape

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