In this statue room, you will have to pick up lots of items, and fix them up in order to escape. If you are stuck with the room, we have prepared the perfect walkthrough for you to escape and beat the room easily.

Room Break 5-4 Room

1. Pick up the hammer on the floor.
2. Touch it the base of the statue to reveal a clue.
Room Break 5-4 Clock Clue

3. Use the clue to decipher the symbol on the wall to get the code 2613

4. Tap the statue to start solving for the puzzle.
Room Break 5-4 Statue PuzzleRoom Break 5-4 Statue Puzzle Solution

5. Obtain the key to the storage room.
Room Break 5-4 Storage Room Key

6. Use the key on the storage room and exit to the room.
7. Pick up the screw driver in the background.
Room Break 5-4 Storage Room

8. Obtain a screw driver head on the piece of cloth.
9. Grab the power supply.
10. Use the hammer to break the box. Obtain a golden pot.
Room Break 5-4 Break Box

11. Place the golden pot inside the box to get the code 3846.
Room Break 5-4 Place Golden Pot

12. Use the code to unlock the box. Get the piece of half circle.
Room Break 5-4 Safe CodeRoom Break 5-4 Golden Half Circle

13. Exit the room.
14. Use the screwdriver (plus head) to open the power box. Take out the broken power source and place the new one inside.
Room Break 5-4 Fix Broken Power SupplyRoom Break 5-4 Lasers

15. Place the half circle into the wall.
Room Break 5-4 Placing Half CircleRoom Break 5-4 Complete Artifact

16. Switch the screwdriver head by first dividing and mixing the minus side. Use the minus side screwdriver to take out the jewels inside the wall.
Room Break 5-4 Tool PiecesRoom Break 5-4 Change Screw Driver

Room Break 5-4 Take Jewels

17. Place the jewels into the slots based on the colors of the statues.
Room Break 5-4 Placing Jewels

18. Escape from the room!
Room Break 5-4 Final Escape

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