In this first room of Episode Mysterious Message, the stage is pretty simple and straight forward. However, if you want to get S rating, you will have to make sure not to mess up any steps. This walkthrough will help you to do just that.

Room Break 4-1 Room

1. Grab the hammer on the floor.
2. Break the pile of rocks on the floor using the hammer. Then press the red button.

3. Now observe the wall picture and note the alien faces. Press those alien faces.
Room Break 4-1 Wall PictureRoom Break 4-1 Alien Face

4. Obtain a set of bulbs from the wall. Divide them into individual pieces.
Room Break 4-1 Bulbs

5. Observe the picture on the wall to get a clue on how to place the bulbs.

6. Place the blue bulbs accordingly.
Room Break 4-1 Place Bulbs

Check the wall again and grab the Red bulbs from the alien faces. Place them into 6 again.
Room Break 4-1 Red Bulbs

An earth pendant will appear after putting the blue and red bulbs. Place the earth pendant in the middle to unlock the door.
Room Break 4-1 Earth Pendant

7. Escape from the room!
Room Break 4-1 Escape

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