After killing the boss, your job is to escape from the facility! If you are stuck with this room, you have found the right guide to help you.

Room Break 3-2 Room

First of all, pick up everything inside the room.

1. Grab the hammer.
2. Get the Remote control on the desk.
3. Obtain the screw driver inside the drawer.
4. Use the hammer on the glass to start a mini game. Obtain the battery after breaking the glass.

Room Break 3-2 Break Shelf

Combine the battery with the remote.
Room Break 3-2 Combine Remote

5. Use the remote on the projector machine. Then take note of the clue on the screen.
Room Break 3-2 Use RemoteRoom Break 3-2 Safe Clue

6. Use the screw driver on the electrical box. Open it to unlock a circuit puzzle. Your goal is to light up all of the lights in a sequence. If you do not know how, we have attached a picture guide to walk you through.
Room Break 3-2 Use Screw DriverRoom Break 3-2 Circuit Puzzle

7. With the circuit completed, you can now lift the white screen to reveal a safe.
8. Now check the safe, the clue is given with the projector screen. Note the numbers of stars and letters that appear for each color. You will get:

blue 4, yellow 5, red 4, and green 5. The code to open the safe is 4545
Room Break 3-2 Safe Code

9. Use the key on the door to escape from the room!
Room Break 3-2 Use KeyRoom Break 3-2 Exit Room

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