In this painting room, you will have to go through and test the different paintings to escape from the room. Below is the exact steps that you will need to take to escape!

Room Break 5-1 Room

1. Pick up the black reagent on the floor.
2. Pick up the blocking stick in front of the painting.
Room Break 5-1 Grab Big Stick

3. Pick up a tool kit on the floor.

Divide the pieces from the toolkit. Combine the square piece with the tool handle.
Room Break 5-1 Divide Tool Kit

4. Use the tool on the color puzzle. Rotate it a few times to get a wooden board. Observe the order of colors by the board.
Room Break 5-1 Wooden BoardRoom Break 5-1 Wood Board Color

5. Use the Black Reagent on the painting to obtain the colors. Count the different colors on the painting and match it with the wooden board that you have obtained. You will obtain the code 645933
Room Break 5-1 Apply LiquidRoom Break 5-1 Count Colors

6. Use the code 645933 to open up the safe.
Room Break 5-1 Passcode

7. Pick up the paining of Monalisa.

Mix the Monalisa painting with the Black Reagent to obtain a code 2146. Use the code to obtain the safe behind the painting. You will obtain a note.
Room Break 5-1 Mix Painting and Liquid

Room Break 5-1 Safe PassRoom Break 5-1 Safe Note

8. Use the blocking stick to break the floor and obtain the real painting. You know where to break the floor based on the note that you picked up from the safe.
Room Break 5-1 BreakholeRoom Break 5-1 Breaking FloorRoom Break 5-1 Obtain Painting

Place the painting back to the display. Note that you must close the safe first before you can put the real painting back on.

9. Escape from the room!
Room Break 5-1 Final Escape

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