Let’s Escape Stage 8

This complete walkthrough is for Let’s Escape Stage 8.

Lets Escape Stage8

Overview: You need to escape the room and reach new stage. The only way to escape the room is through a door. In this stage, you are in an art studio. You need to find the safe and combination to open it!

1. Chair: Look under the seat cushion. Grab a piece of cloth.
Lets Escape Stage8 ChairLets Escape Stage8 Piece of Cloth

2. Planter: Look at the planter. Grab the cube with smiley.
Lets Escape Stage8 Cube with smiley

3. Drawer:  Obtain a pair of scissors from the second drawer. Use the scissors to cut open the cube and get a key from inside.
Lets Escape Stage8 Second DrawerLets Escape Stage8 ScissorsLets Escape Stage8 Cut CubeLets Escape Stage8 Get Key

Use the key to open the first drawer to find a spray can inside.

Lets Escape Stage8 Top DrawerLets Escape Stage8 Get Spray Paint

4. Easel: Observe th easel. Look behind the drawing board. Retrieve a wire cutter handle. Flip over the paper. Apply spray paint on top of the red rectangle.

Lets Escape Stage8 Behind Drawing BoardLets Escape Stage8 Get Wire Cutter HandleLets Escape Stage8 Under PaperLets Escape Stage8 Apply Spray PaintLets Escape Stage8 Wipe with cloth

Wipe it with a piece of cloth to reveal four smileys. Combine the clue with the hints with the cute. The direction of the smiley will give you the order of the passcode: 5742.

Lets Escape Stage8 DecipherLets Escape Stage8 Passcode

5. Locked Drawer: Use the passcode: 5742 to open the bottom locked drawer. Get a wire cutter tip. You now have a working wire cutter.
Lets Escape Stage8 Bottom locked drawerLets Escape Stage8 Enter PasscodeLets Escape Stage8 Get Wire Cutter Tip

6. Combination: Look at the top of the table. There is a structure with wires and beads. Count the beads from left to right. Arrange the counts in the order of the paints on the pallet (on the easel). You will get the combination: 44521.
Lets Escape Stage8 Combination

7. Painting: Use the wire cutter to cut off the wire at the bottom of the painting. Remove the painting. Enter the passcode: 44521. Get the door key from inside the safe.

Lets Escape Stage8 Cut WireLets Escape Stage8 Under PaintingLets Escape Stage8 SafeLets Escape Stage8 Enter CombinationLets Escape Stage8 Get Door Key

8. Door: Use the the door key to open the door. You have escaped!
Lets Escape Stage8 Insert Door KeyLets Escape Stage8 Escaped