Let’s Escape Stage 4

This complete walkthrough is for Stage 4 of Let’s Escape. Use it to help you find the keys and escape through the locked room full of puzzles. You need to escape the children’s bedroom. Crack two safes in order to find the door key.
Lets Escape Stage4

1. Bed: Get Battery under the pillow. Get a key under the teddy bear. Notice that teddy bear is wearing a purple shirt.

Lets Escape Stage4 BedLets Escape Stage4 Get Key and Battery

2. Tricycle: Get red color pencil.

Lets Escape Stage4 Tricycle

3. Drawer: Get a second Battery under the beach ball. Notice that the ball is green. Open drawer with the key. Get a disk tape.

Lets Escape Stage4 Open DrawerLets Escape Stage4 Get Disk Tape

Lets Escape Stage4 Beach BallLets Escape Stage4 Get Second Batter

4. Wall shelves: Grab a book from the top shelf. Draw on the blank page with the red color pencil. A red flower will be revealed. Notice that the airplane is orange in the middle shelf.

Lets Escape Stage4 Wall ShelevesLets Escape Stage4 Book

Lets Escape Stage4 Red Flower

5. Closet: Open right closet door. You will see a projector. Insert two batteries and the disk tape. Turn on the projector. Get passcode: 6734.

Lets Escape Stage4 Right Closet DoorLets Escape Stage4 Projector

Lets Escape Stage4 Insert Battery and DiskLets Escape Stage4 Open battery compartment

Lets Escape Stage4 Turn on ProjectorLets Escape Stage4 Get Passcode

6. Drawer: Open drawer in the middle. Enter passcode: 6734. Get a hammer.

Lets Escape Stage4 Closet DrawerLets Escape Stage4 Enter Passcode

Lets Escape Stage4 Get Hammer

7. Safe: Open the left closet door. Use the hammer to open the compartment. You will see a safe.

Lets Escape Stage4 Left Closet DoorLets Escape Stage4 Hammer the compartment

Lets Escape Stage4 Safe

Enter the combination based on the clues lying around the room.

Green Ball
Red Flower
Purple Teddy Bear
Orange Airplane.

Open the safe. Get the door key.

Lets Escape Stage4 CombinationLets Escape Stage4 Get Door Key

8. Door: Use the the door key to open the door. You have escaped!

Lets Escape Stage4 Open the doorLets Escape Stage4 Escaped

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