Let’s Escape Stage 1

This complete walkthrough is for Stage 1 of Let’s Escape.

Overview: You need to escape the room and reach new stage. The only way to escape the room is through a door. In this stage, you have to solve multiple puzzles in order to open the safe where the door key is kept.

Lets Escape Stage1

1. Couch: Go to couch. Look under the pillow on the far right. Collect a green key.
Lets Escape Stage1 Couch Right Pillow

2. Coffee Table: Use the green key to open the drawer. Collect a DVD.
Lets Escape Stage1 Coffee TableLets Escape Stage1 Coffee Table DVD

3. Posters: Look at the wall on the left. Count the number of parrots in each poster: 7394.
Lets Escape Stage1 Poster Parrots

4. Laptop: Play the DVD with the laptop. Enter code: 7394. Obtain a set of star pattern combination.
Lets Escape Stage1 Laptop insert DVDLets Escape Stage1 Laptop Enter Passcode

Lets Escape Stage1 Laptop Star Pattern Combination

5. Wall: Locate the safe on the wall. Enter the combination as shown in the set of star pattern from the laptop. Get the door key.
Lets Escape Stage1 Safe on wallLets Escape Stage1 Safe Combination

Lets Escape Stage1 Door KeyLets Escape Stage1 Safe Obtain Key

6. Door: Use the the door key to open the door. You have escaped!

Lets Escape Stage1 Escaped

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