Let’s Escape Stage 2

If you are stuck with any of the stages in Let’s Escape. You have come to the right place that help you solve all of the puzzles to escape from the room. Please leave any feedback if you are still stuck in any of the rooms after reading our walkthrough guides.

In this stage, you are in a garage. You have to examine the many parts of the car in order to decipher the combination to the safe where the door key is kept.

Lets Escape Stage2

1. Scissor: Grab the scissor from the backseat of the car.
Lets Escape Stage2 Scissors

2. License Plate: Read front license plate. Get passcode: 1513.
Lets Escape Stage2 License Plate

3. Box: Go to box. Use the scissor to open the box. You will see a lock box. Open the lock with combination: 1513. Get a wrench.

Lets Escape Stage2 Box open with scissorsLets Escape Stage2 Look at Lock Box

Lets Escape Stage2 Enter passcodeLets Escape Stage2 Open Lock Box

Lets Escape Stage2 Get wrench

4. Safe: Go to safe on the wall. You need to adjust the orientation of each dial with the wrench. Look around the room for the following clues.
Lets Escape Stage2 SafeLets Escape Stage2 Safe Combination Clues

• Tire stack: Grey (2 o’clock)
Lets Escape Stage2 Safe Clue Grey

• Fire Extinguisher: Red (10 o’clock)
Lets Escape Stage2 Safe Clue Red
• Yellow (Not in the room. Do not move)

• Car steering wheel: Blue (4 o’clock)

Lets Escape Stage2 Safe Clue Blue

After getting all the clues, input the combination to open the safe and get the door key from inside.

Lets Escape Stage2 Safe CombinationLets Escape Stage2 Get Door Key

5. Door: Use the the door key to open the door. You have escaped!

Lets Escape Stage2 Open DoorLets Escape Stage2 Escaped

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