Let’s Escape Stage 9

Escape the room and reach new stage. In this stage, you are in an activity room. Find the safe where the door key is hidden.

Lets Escape Stage9

1. Volleyball: Tap on the volleyball to reveal a color chart: Blue, Yellow, Red.

Lets Escape Stage9 VolleyballLets Escape Stage9 Color Chart

2. Dart Board: There are three darts. Arrange them in the order of color chart. Blue (11), Yellow (9), and Red (13). Get passcode: 11913.

Lets Escape Stage9 Dart Board

3. Treadmill: Enter passcode: 11913. Get a knife blade from the treadmill belt.

Lets Escape Stage9 TreadmillLets Escape Stage9 Treadmill Passcode

Lets Escape Stage9 Threadmill Get Knife Blade

4. Knife: Look into the middle-right socket with a red ball. Get a knife.

Lets Escape Stage9 Find KnifeLets Escape Stage9 Get Knife

5. Trampoline: Use the knife to cut open the trampoline. Get a key.

Lets Escape Stage9 Cut TrampolineLets Escape Stage9 Get Cabinet Key

6. Cabinet: Use the key to open the cabinet. Get wire cutter. The balls in each shelf are clues. Connect the balls on the pool table color as indicated on each shelf. They will each form a number. Get passcode: 5162.

  • Top Shelf: Connect Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple. Form a number 5.
  • Second Shelf: Connect Orange, Yellow, Purple. Form a number 1.
  • Third Shelf: Connect Blue, Orange, Purple, Green, Red, and Yellow. Form a number 6.
  • Bottom Shelf: Connect Orange, Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Green. Form a number 2.

Lets Escape Stage9 Open CabinetLets Escape Stage9 Get wire cutter

Lets Escape Stage9 Shelf CluesLets Escape Stage9 Top Shelf

Lets Escape Stage9 Second ShelfLets Escape Stage9 Third Shelf

Lets Escape Stage9 Bottom Shelf

7. Safe: Use the wire cutter to cut off the wire at the top of the dart board. Lift the board revealing a safe. Enter passcode: 5162. Open the safe. Get the door key.
Lets Escape Stage9 Cut WireLets Escape Stage9 Lift Dart Board

Lets Escape Stage9 Reveal SafeLets Escape Stage9 Safe Locked

Lets Escape Stage9 Safe Enter PasscodeLets Escape Stage9 Get Door Key

8. Door: Use the the door key to open the door. You have escaped!
Lets Escape Stage9 Insert Door KeyLets Escape Stage9 Escaped

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