Let’s Escape Stage 3

Use our walkthrough strategy guide to help you unlock the doors in Let’s Escape Stage 3. Check our other walkthroughs if you are stuck in other stages of the game. Please feel free to leave feed back if any of our guides are unclear to help you unlock the room.

You need to escape the room and reach new stage. The only way to escape the room is through a door. In this stage, you are in a laundry room. You have to get the washing machine working and assemble a screwdriver in order to open a radio where the door key is hidden.

Lets Escape Stage3

1. Box: Get a power cord.
Lets Escape Stage3 Box

2. Toolbox: Get a screwdriver handle.
Lets Escape Stage3 Toolbox

3. Trashcan: Get a dirty towel.
Lets Escape Stage3 Trashcan

4. Washing Machine: Plug in the power cord. Put the dirty towel in the washing machine. Get passcode: 1410.
Lets Escape Stage3 Plug Power CordLets Escape Stage3 Wash Dirty Towel

Lets Escape Stage3 Get Passcode

5. Shelf: Look to the top layer of the shelf. You will see a lock box. Enter passcode: 1410. Get a screwdriver tip. You now have a working screwdriver.

Lets Escape Stage2 Lock Box PasscodeLets Escape Stage3 Lock Box Passcode Enter

Lets Escape Stage3 Get screwdriver tip

6. Radio: Look to the bottom layer of the shelf. Use screwdriver to open the radio. Get the door key.
Lets Escape Stage3 RadioLets Escape Stage3 Open Radio

Lets Escape Stage3 Get Door Key

7. Door: Use the the door key to open the door. You have escaped!

Lets Escape Stage3 Open the DoorLets Escape Stage3 Escaped

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