Let’s Escape Stage 5

This complete walkthrough is for Stage 5 of Let’s Escape.

You need to escape the room and reach new stage. The only way to escape the room is through a door. In this stage, you are in a kitchen. You have to obtain four gold coins and a key card in order to unlock the door.

Lets Escape Stage5

1. Knife: Get the knife from the drawer.

Lets Escape Stage5 Get Knife

2. Dining Table: Use the knife to slice open the bread on the dining table and get a key from inside. Get a piece of rug on the chair.

Lets Escape Stage5 Dining TableLets Escape Stage5 Slice Bread

Lets Escape Stage5 Get KeyLets Escape Stage5 Rug on chair

3. Refrigerator: Open the refrigerator and get a chocolate from inside.
Lets Escape Stage5 Get Chocolate

4. Top Cabinet: Use the key to unlock the top cabinet. Get a cooking tray and your chocolate from inventory will be place on the tray.
Lets Escape Stage5 Open locked cabinet doorLets Escape Stage5 Get Cooking Tray

5. Oven: Put the tray in the oven. Close the oven door. Then open the door. Chocolate will be melted. Take the gold coin. Use the rug to clean the tray. Get passcode: 911.

Lets Escape Stage5 open oven doorLets Escape Stage5 Put chocolate in oven

Lets Escape Stage5 Get melted chocolateLets Escape Stage5 Check tray

Lets Escape Stage5 Clean TrayLets Escape Stage5 Get code

6. Locked Drawer: Enter passcode: 911. Get a key card.
Lets Escape Stage5 Locked DrawerLets Escape Stage5 Enter code

Lets Escape Stage5 Get key card

7. Range hood: Get the gold coin from the top of range hood.
Lets Escape Stage5 Range Hood Coin

8. Sink: Get the gold coin from the sink.

Lets Escape Stage5 Sink Coin

9. Painting: Grab the coin on the bottom-left corner of the painting.

Lets Escape Stage5 Painting Coin

10. Door: Insert four gold coins and key card. The door will open. You have escaped!

Lets Escape Stage5 DoorLets Escape Stage5 Insert coins and key card

Lets Escape Stage5 Escaped

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