Let’s Escape Stage 7

This complete walkthrough is for Stage 7 of Let’s Escape.

Overview: You need to escape the room and reach new stage. The only way to escape the room is through a door. In this stage, you are in a lab. You need to find a tablet computer and decipher passcode to open it in order to find the door key.

Lets Escape Stage7

1. White Board: Get a key from the tray. Tap on the printer to get a paper clue.
Lets Escape Stage7 White Board

2. Desk: Use the key to unlock the right cabinet door underneath the desk. Get a wrench and a second paper clue. Put both of the paper clues together and get the code: 2509
Lets Escape Stage7 Desk Cabinet DoorLets Escape Stage7 Get wrench and second clue

3. Drawer: Open top drawer on the other side of the desk. Retrieve memory card inside a box. Open the bottom drawer. Enter passcode: 2509. Get a electronic tablet. You need a combination to access the tablet.
Lets Escape Stage7 Top drawerLets Escape Stage7 Open top drawerLets Escape Stage7 Get a BoxLets Escape Stage7 Open BoxLets Escape Stage7 PasscodeLets Escape Stage7 Open bottom drawer

4. Combination: On top of the desk are a tray of test tubes. Notice that each one has different color solutions. This will be the clue needed to power up the tablet.

Lets Escape Stage7 Test Tubes

5. Cabinet: Open the cabinet. You will see five flasks. Their colors are: Yellow, Red, Blue, Pink, and Green. This is the combination order. Combine the order with the clue in step 4 to get the password.
Lets Escape Stage7 CabinetLets Escape Stage7 Inside Cabinet

6. Skeleton: Go to skeleton at the corner of the room. Look at your tablet. Enter the combination as shown in the image below. Get a x-ray image of a chest. The door key is located at the end of rib cage. Use the wrench to break the rib cage. Get the door key.
Lets Escape Stage7 SkeletonLets Escape Stage7 TabletLets Escape Stage7 CombinationLets Escape Stage7 Chest X-rayLets Escape Stage7 WrenchLets Escape Stage7 Get Door Key

7. Door: Use the the door key to open the door. You have escaped!Lets Escape Stage7 Insert Door KeyLets Escape Stage7 Escaped

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