Let’s Escape Stage 6

You need to escape the room and reach new stage in Let’s Escape Stage 6. The only way to escape the room is through a locked door. In stage 6, you are stuck in a office. You need to access a laptop in order to recover passcode for a drawer where the door key is kept.

Lets Escape Stage6
1. Sofa: Look under the pillow. Get a Key.

Lets Escape Stage6 Sofa

2. Coffee Table: Look into the ashtray on the coffee table. Get a paper crumble.

Lets Escape Stage6 Coffee Table

3. Cabinet Shelf: Locate a box among the books. Obtain a SD card.

Lets Escape Stage6 Box among BooksLets Escape Stage6 SD card

3. Cabinet Drawer: Open the left cabinet door with the Key. Grab bottle of solution.

Lets Escape Stage6 Cabinet DoorLets Escape Stage6 Bottle of Solution

4. Desk: Open the second drawer of the filing cabinet underneath the table. Take the card reader from inside the filing cabinet.

Lets Escape Stage6 Locate Filing CabinetLets Escape Stage6 Get Card Reader

Look at the blank piece of paper under the binder on the desk. Apply solution to the paper. Use the paper crumble to decipher the code. Get passcode: 19613.

Lets Escape Stage6 Locate Binder and Papers

Lets Escape Stage6 PaperLets Escape Stage6 Apply Solution

Lets Escape Stage6 PasscodeLets Escape Stage6 Decipher

Insert card reader into the laptop. Open program called “Puzzle”. Enter passcode: 19613. Unscramble the image. Get combination: 242.

Lets Escape Stage6 Locate LaptopLets Escape Stage6 Insert Card Reader

Lets Escape Stage6 Turn on laptopLets Escape Stage6 Enter Passcode

Lets Escape Stage6 PuzzleLets Escape Stage6 Solve Puzzle

Lets Escape Stage6 Get Passcode

Use the combination to open the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet. Get the door key.

Lets Escape Stage6 CombinationLets Escape Stage6 Get Door Key

5. Door: Use the the door key to open the door. You have escaped!

Lets Escape Stage6 Insert Door KeyLets Escape Stage6 Escaped

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