Let’s Escape Stage 11

In this stage, you are in a Christmas room. The door key is in one of the presents. You will be able to escape once you solve the mystery of the room and decode the cipher to the gift box.

Lets Escape Stage11

1. Toys: Look at the toys on top of the dresser. Get drawer key inside the toy sleigh.
Lets Escape Stage11 Toy Sleigh

2. Christmas Tree: Pick up a stick hidden behind one of the ornaments.
Lets Escape Stage11 Chrimstmas Tree

3. Snowman: Pick up a piece of paper hidden in the snowman’s hat.
Lets Escape Stage11 Snowman

4. Sofa: Look underneath the right pillow. Pick up the hammer head.
Lets Escape Stage11 Sofa Pillow

5. Dresser: Open the bottom drawer and get a bottle of solution.

Lets Escape Stage11 Get Bottle Solution

Use the key to open the middle drawer. Get a piggy money bank from the middle drawer.
Lets Escape Stage11 Open DrawerLets Escape Stage11 Get Piggy Money Bank

Examine the piggy money bank. Smash the bank with your hammer.

Lets Escape Stage11 Examine Piggy Money BankLets Escape Stage11 Use Hammer

Get a coin with number: 1611. Examine the blank piece of paper.

Lets Escape Stage11 Get CoinLets Escape Stage11 Passcode 1611

Apply solution to the paper. A clue in watermark will be revealed.

Lets Escape Stage11 Examine Paper

Lets Escape Stage11 Apply SolutionLets Escape Stage11 Get Clue

6. Cabinet: Open the cabinet door with combination: 1611. Inside the cabinet is full of gifts. Pick out the box as indicated in the paper clue. There are four buttons inside: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue.
Lets Escape Stage11 Open CabinetLets Escape Stage11 Cabinet Passcode

Lets Escape Stage11 ClueLets Escape Stage11 Presents

Lets Escape Stage11 Open PresentLets Escape Stage11 Lock

7. Gift Box Clues: Notice that there are sofa pillow has 4 yellow buttons, snowman has 2 green eyes, Christmas tree has 7 red ornaments, ugly doll on top of the dresser has 3 buttons. Password: 4273. Get the door key.
Lets Escape Stage11 Enter passcodeLets Escape Stage11 Get Door Key

8. Door: Use the the door key to open the door. You have escaped!
Lets Escape Stage11 Insert Door KeyLets Escape Stage11 Escaped