Escape Action Level 31-35

This complete walkthrough features the strategies and solutions to beat the puzzles. Use these tips to help you escape from the locked rooms! This walkthrough post features level 31 through 35 for Escape Action.

Level 31
Level 32
Level 33
Level 34
Level 35

Escape Action Level 31 Balance Platforms

There are two platforms. Left platform has an elephant. Right platform has several objects. You can manipulate the right platform by pushing the three buttons at the bottom. Each tap will allow you to add one object.

Tap the object on the right platform to remove it. Balance the left and right platforms. Solve the balance puzzle by using: 1 apple, 1 smiley and 2 clocks. The wall will break down for you to escape!

Escape Action Level31 PlatformEscape Action Level31 Balance PlatformEscape Action Level31 Escape

Escape Action Level 32 Hammer Blocks

Use hammer on the right as the tool to crack the door. Tap black blocks on the door to show a hammer sign. The door will open. You have escaped!

Escape Action Level 32 HammerEscape Action Level 32 Escaped

Escape Action Level 33

Pick up the knife on the wall. Use the knife to scrape the wall along the cross sign. The wall will break down and you have escaped!

Escape Action Level 33 Knife on the WallEscape Action Level 33 cross markEscape Action Level 33 Escaped

Escape Action Level 34

Tap and hold one finger on the slate for 4 secs or until all the lights turns green. The door will open and you can escape from the room!

Escape Action Level 34 Press FingerEscape Action Level 34 Escaped

Escape Action Level 35

Roll balls into the holes! (ball-N → hole-N) to escape. Each of the balls sit on a diamond with different numbers. Tilt your mobile device to roll the balls into the corresponding circles at the bottom of screen.

The trick is to find a way to set two balls in place in the first try. Then, roll the third ball.

Escape Action Level 35 TargetEscape Action Level 35 StartEscape Action Level 35 Escape