Escape Action Level 26-30

Use this complete walkthrough to help you solve the puzzles and escape from each of the locked rooms. This walkthrough guide features level 26 through 30 for Escape Action.

Level 26
Level 27
Level 28
Level 29
Level 30

Escape Action Level 26

Door: Pull the rope. The trapdoor will open. There are one apple, one smiley and three clocks. Press the buttons on the door from top-down: once, once and three-times. The door will open. You have escaped!

Escape Action Level26 Door1Escape Action Level26 Door2

Escape Action Level26 Door3

Escape Action Level 27

Rope: Pull the rope. A giant demolition ball will appear and smash the door. Keep pulling the rope until the door is destroyed. You have escaped!

Escape Action Level27 Rope1Escape Action Level27 Rope2

Escape Action Level27 Rope3Escape Action Level27 Rope4

Escape Action Level 28

Banana: There are three trapdoors. Banana is in one of the trapdoor. Get the banana and give to the gorilla. The door will open. You have escaped!

Escape Action Level28 Banana1Escape Action Level28 Banana2

Escape Action Level28 Banana3Escape Action Level28 Banana4

Escape Action Level 29

Flowers: Press the buttons 1, 4, 5. All the flowers will appear at once. The door will open. You have escaped!

Escape Action Level29 Flowers2Escape Action Level29 Flowers1

Escape Action Level 30

Wipe: In this challenge room, you need to clean the screen. The trick is to use all your fingers, and it might help if you actually grab a piece of cloth to minimize friction between your fingers and the screen. The door will open. You have escaped!

Escape Action Level30 Wipe1Escape Action Level30 Wipe2

Escape Action Level30 Wipe3


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