Escape Action Level 51-55

Use our complete walkthrough guide for Escape Action to help you solve all the puzzles. This guide features game play walkthrough for levels 51 to 55. Please leave comments if you are still stuck after reading our strategy guide.

Level 51
Level 52
Level 53
Level 54
Level 55

Escape Action Level 51

Follow the below steps to help you gather all the materials needed to escape from the room.

1. Tap and shake the watering pot to the left and find an orange ball.
2. Lift up the cabinet to the right and obtain a metal spring.
3. Tap the ball and the spring from your tool bar to combine them together.
4. Tap and place the spring with ball under the handle switch to the left.
5. Press and compress the ball down, the ball releases to hit the swithc.

Escape from the room after the window lifts!

Escape Action Level 51 PotEscape Action Level 51 Get Orange BallEscape Action Level 51 Cabinet Lift

Escape Action Level 51 Get SpringEscape Action Level 51 Compress SpringEscape Action Level 51 Escaped

Escape Action Level 52

Pull the rope first to drop down a giant metal demolition ball. Blow into your device’s microphone repeatedly until the windmills disappear. Grab the knife on the wall hidden behind the windmills. Use the knife to cut the rope on top of the metal ball.

Tilt the device so that the ball rolls to the left and knock over the switch. The flipped switch breaks the wall and make way for your escape.

Escape Action Level 52 Pull the RopeEscape Action Level 52 Blow into MicEscape Action Level 52 Get Knife

Escape Action Level 52 Cut the RopeEscape Action Level 52 Roll the ballEscape Action Level 52 Escaped

Escape Action Level 53

The key to escape this room is by drawing the red star pattern in one stroke. We have provided an image solution on how to draw the shape. After the pattern is made, the door opens and you can escape.

Escape Action Level 53 Enter the RoomEscape Action Level 53 SolutionEscape Action Level 53 Escaped

Escape Action Level 54

Trigger the switch on the floor first. Drag the wood pieces into the corresponding cages.

Cage 1 (Bottom Right): one triangle
Cage 2 (Upper Right): two circles
Cage 3 (Bottom Left): three squares
Cage 4 (Upper Left): four rectangles

The window opens and you have escaped!

Escape Action Level 54 Turn SwitchEscape Action Level 54 Count ShapesEscape Action Level 54 Put in Cages

Escape Action Level 55

Complete the matching pair game within the time frame. There are a couple of images including fishes, hearts, teadrops, paw prints up and paw prints down. You probably do not need to purchase time extension, simply try a couple of times until you get lucky to pair all the images. Once all the images are paired and the door will unlock. You will then have escaped!

Escape Action Level 55 InstructionEscape Action Level 55 Match the PairEscape Action Level 55 Escaped