Escape Action Level 61-65

Use our strategy guides to help you pass Escape Action levels 61 through 65 easily. Please let us know if you still have trouble beating any of the stages in the game. Remember to check out our other guides for the game for other levels. Thank you!

Level 61
Level 62
Level 63
Level 64
Level 65

Escape Action Level 61

Observe the double hearts icon on the right window for the hint. Change the numbers on the door to 214 (2/14 for Valentine’s day). The door will then open and you have escaped!

Escape Action Level 61 Double HeartsEscape Action Level 61 214Escape Action Level 61 Escaped

Escape Action Level 62

Tap the blue dots on all corners and observe their movements. They will form different shapes as as shown in our picture solution. These shapes are:

Top-left: Triangle
Bottom-left: Diamond
Top-right: Rectangle
Bottom-right: Upside-Down Triangle

Match the symbols in the center circle based on the clue given by the dots. The wall breaks after you input the correct code and you can escape!

Escape Action Level 62 ShapesEscape Action Level 62 Escaped

Escape Action Level 63

The numbers for this level are randomly generated so that your solution may be different than ours. First pick up the rag on the floor to the left of the door. Remove the numbers on the door to remove the the numbers. Now tap on the squares to the middle so that they add up to the number on the door. You will then be able to escape!

Escape Action Level 63 RugEscape Action Level 63 Use RugEscape Action Level 63 Addition

Escape Action Level 64

Disregard the number in the center because it has no connection to the final solution. Notice the center clue: E = 4, A = 3. The logic behind the number is that E has 4 straight lines and A has three straight lines. Now apply the same logic to F, H, and K. F = 3 Straight lines, H = 3 Straight Lines, K = 3 Straight lines. 3 + 3 + 3 = 9. Change the middle number to 09 and escape through the unlocked door!

Escape Action Level 64 Enter the RoomEscape Action Level 64 LettersEscape Action Level 64 Escaped

Escape Action Level 65

This challenge room is pretty tough, tap and slide your fingers based on the directions. Although you can potentially complete the challenge without timer power up, consider practice a couple of rounds and purchase additional seconds if you do need them. Each set of direction arrows give you 1 point. Once you have 10 points, the door will open for you to escape!

Escape Action Level 65 InstructionEscape Action Level 65 Slide directionsEscape Action Level 65 Escaped

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