Escape Action Level 66-70

Adventure Walkthrough has written comprehensive guides to help you pass all the levels in Escape Action. Please follow our tips and hints to help you beat the game easily. Please leave comments if you are still having trouble passing any of the stages. This guide segment features complete solutions to Escape Action Levels 66 through 70.

Level 66
Level 67
Level 68
Level 69
Level 70

Escape Action Level 66

Pull the switch to the right for a knife to drop down. Get the knife and use it to slice and cut the small painting to the right. Place the painting fragment onto the center pig picture. The hole in the wall is reveals and you will escape!

Escape Action Level 66 Pull switchEscape Action Level 66 Get knifeEscape Action Level 66 Cut painting

Escape Action Level 66 Get paintingEscape Action Level 66 Insert fragmentEscape Action Level 66 Escaped

Escape Action Level 67

Pull down the rope on the left to show a grid box. Observe the sketch on the left side wall and the arrow. Mirror the pattern on to the center so that it shows the sketch. Obtain the key that appears after setting up the pattern. Use the key to open the lock and escape through the opened door!

Escape Action Level 67 Sketch ClueEscape Action Level 67 Get KeyEscape Action Level 67 Insert key

Escape Action Level 68

The clue to escape this room is hidden in plain sight next to the dresser. This is room #68 so your goal is to make the top display 068. The numbers on the bottom adds up to the top number. You can simply use this solution to escape from this room.

Escape Action Level 68 Room ClueEscape Action Level 68 Enter Room NumberEscape Action Level 68 Escaped

Escape Action Level 69

First slice the leaves in half and show a picture of a wrench on the blackboard. Tap on the wrench multiple times until you actually obtain a wrench in your inventory. With the wrench, loosen the four screws at each corner. The window will open. You have escaped!

Escape Action Level 69 Slice leavesEscape Action Level 69 loosen screwsEscape Action Level 69 Pick up wrench

Escape Action Level 70

This challenge room is mainly based on luck. Find all the pots with water inside. The trick is to tap and slide down the spout. Once you have found all the pots, the door will open for you to escape! Simply try multiple times if you fail and you can eventually pass this challenge level.

Escape Action Level 70 InstructionEscape Action Level 70 Pots