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The Journey Down Chapter 2 Part 9: Underland — 2 Comments

  1. Just an all around fantastic updated continuation of the classic point and click adventure but more appropro to a younger generation while remaing faithful and enjoyable to the older generations of gamers. You can’t play it without feeling brought in as another character in the story. Even with the African Mask faces, the characters still all seem so real and generate expression trough exceptional voice acting, humorous comments and observations, and a fantasy world that soon seems quite real. The musical score is good yet subtle enough to add to the milieu without ever getting in the way of the story. Most of the game, especially part 2 can be logically solved with the exception of only a couple puzzles. Most of all, I am so happy to finally have a game that can appeal to the mature gamer as well as the young, and that does not fall back on the tired themes of shooting galleries, zombies, HOA, vampires, kidnapped child/ dead come to life, ghosts, villages taken over by some demonic magician , a prince’s lost love, etc. All I can say is that not only can’t I wait for part 3, but that I hope the developers will continue to make other such exceptional games, especially the point and click adventure. As long as they produce such high quality and ingenious games they will satisfy a great thirst for such intelligent yet downright fun games. Thanks for not only thinking of those of us who still remember the great adventure games, but for successfully bringing them up to date to appeal to all generations. Finally, I do not usually like games that require multiple purchases, but not only are your prices well worth it, I note that games 1and 2 each had its own closure, similar to that of the star Wars Trilogy and I have not felt left “hanging” even though I was left wanting more. This is definitely one of the most enjoyable games I have played on the iPad, and not a single glitch, either. Congratulation on a terrific accomplishment .

  2. After reviewing the above post ( made by myself) I just realized that I mistakenly posted a comment on the game rather than the walkthrough. My apology for the erroneous posting-

    John Conley

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