The Journey Down Chapter 2 Part 3: New Clothes

Bwana and Kito managed to escape from the prison. They parted way. Bwana is going to go look for Lina, and Kito will locate their airplane. Bwana runs into problem immediately. He needs to get out of his jail clothes. Your goal is to help Bwana change out of his jail clothes.

Use the following detail maps to locate items in each location: Arnie’s Alley, Street, Harbor Alley. Use the Port Artue area map to navigate between locations.
The Journey Down Ch2 Part3 Arnie Alley The Journey Down Ch2 Part3 Street

The Journey Down Ch2 Part3 harbor alley
1. Dumpster: Look through dumpster. Get an empty can.
2. Match: Exit the alley. Get a match box from a woman.
3. Newspaper: Use the pickaxe to break the newspaper stand. Grab a stack of newspaper.
4. Fire: Walk towards the harbor. Meet dock workers, Moe and Vince, in an alley. Make fire for them in exchange for a set of new clothes. Place the newspaper in the barrel and use the match to make a fire. Talk to them again and get new clothes.