The Journey Down Chapter 2 Part 6: Power Company Office

Bwana arrived at the Armando Power Company office in the industrial part of the port. The front door is locked. The second floor window is open, but Bwana needs to find a way to get up. In this part, the goal is to help Bwana breaks into the power company office and retrieves the missing old police report.

Use the following detail maps to locate items in each location: Street, Steel Mill, and Power Company Office.
The Journey Down Ch2 Part6 street The Journey Down Ch2 Part6 steel mill
The Journey Down Ch2 Part6 office

1. Gate: Remove the padlock on the gate using the boltcutter. Enter the factory.
2. Power Box: Locate power box by the window. Adjust the dials on the power panel to maximum.
Top-left: 6 o’clock
Top-right: 9 o’clock
Bottom-left: 3 o’clock
Bottom-right: 11 o’clock
Press the button at the bottom of the power meter. The power will turn on. Realize that Bwana is inside a steel mill. He can use the old police car as his material to fabricate a steel bar and access the power company across the street.
The Journey Down Ch2 Part6 power box
3. Key: Pick up the key on the wall.
4. Tow truck: Place the key in the tow truck to release the old police car.
5. Crane: Go over to the crane control panel. Press the button which will pick up the old police car from the street and drop into the smelting ladle.
6. Handle: Go over to the smelting ladle handle. Turn the handle and pour the melted metal into the girder mold.
7. Steel girder: Go back to the crane control panel. Press the button and the crane will pick up the steel girder.
8. Stair: Go up the stair. Bwana is able to go across the steel girder and enter the power company office.
The Journey Down Ch2 Part6 steel girder
9. File Cabinets: He meets Lina at a gun point. Bwana and Lina will work together to find the missing old police report. Look through all the drawers one by one as Lina access the computer. The order doesn’t matter. Bwana will learn more about the past. Once Bwana looks through all the drawers. Lina reveals a safe behind the cabinets. The safe is secured by a combination lock. Bwana breaks the keypad panel with his pickaxe.

Solving the Keypad Puzzle:
a. The keypad cover is gone, but each button key is still intact.
b. Press the the button will prompt the four signals at the top of the pad. The signal will display one of the three colors depending on the key you enter. The order of signals do not correspond to the order in which the key is entered.
Red: Number is not part the password
Orange: Number is part of the password, but enter in the incorrect sequence
Green: Number is part of the password, and enter in the correct sequence
c. Our trick to solve the puzzle is to first enter the numbers as shown to determine whether the number is in the password:
1111 -> Green-Red-Red-Red
2222 -> Red-Red-Red-Red
3333 -> Red-Red-Red-Red
4444 -> Green-Red-Red-Red
5555 -> Green-Red-Red-Red
6666 -> Red-Red-Red-Red
7777 -> Green-Red-Red-Red
8888 -> Red-Red-Red-Red
9999 -> Red-Red-Red-Red
d. From deduction, the password contains numbers: 1, 4, 5, 7.
e. Next is to determine the correct sequence by trial and error. The password to safe is 4571.
The Journey Down Ch2 Part6 keypad

Bwana and Lina successfully obtain the missing police report and head back to downtown. Their taxi is knocked over by a truck and snatch by an aircraft. Bwana and Lina have been abducted by the pirate! Meet pirate leader, Madam Sisulu, who is also after the book.

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