Surreal Escape Stage 6-10

Use our complete walkthrough strategy guide to help you escape from all the rooms in Surreal Escape. Please feel free to leave comments if you are still stuck.

Stage 6
Stage 7
Stage 8
Stage 9
Stage 10

Surreal Escape Stage 6

Tap on the QR code. Notice that numbers 2, 7, 8, 5 are hidden among the image. Tap on each circle until they match the hidden numbers. The door will reveal. You have escaped!

Surreal Escape Stage6 QR CodeSurreal Escape Stage6 Hidden Numbers

Surreal Escape Stage6 CirclesSurreal Escape Stage6 Escaped

Surreal Escape Stage 7

Seafight: Destory two-decked enemy ship by 4 turns. The locations of the ship are randomly assigned to the squares. In this game of luck, just keep tapping on the squares until you sunk two ships(indicate by a x-mark) within 4 tries. The door will reveal. You have escaped!

Surreal Escape Stage7 SquaresSurreal Escape Stage7 X-mark

Surreal Escape Stage7 Escaped

Surreal Escape Stage 8

There are six numbered tabs on the side. Tap on the tab will reveal a location. The number indicates the order in which you have select on the map in the background. The door will reveal. You have escaped!
1: North America
2: Africa
3: Antarctic
4: Eurasia
5: South America
6: Australia
Surreal Escape Stage8 TabsSurreal Escape Stage8 Locations

Surreal Escape Stage8 OrdersSurreal Escape Stage8 Door

Surreal Escape Stage8 Escaped

Surreal Escape Stage 9

There are four circles. Each with two lines. Rotate the circles as shown in the image below. The door will appear. You have escaped!
Surreal Escape Stage9 Rotate CirclesSurreal Escape Stage9 Door

Surreal Escape Stage9 Escaped

Surreal Escape Stage 10

Entering a surreal world filled with tricky puzzles and bizarre rooms, you need to find a way to open those locked doors and escape! In this stage, the only way to escape is to find the door.

There are two bars at the top. Drag the shadow figures on each bar to the center. They will form a number 2548. Enter the number in the squares below. The door will appear. You have escaped!
Surreal Escape Stage10 BarsSurreal Escape Stage10 2548

Surreal Escape Stage10 Escaped

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