Surreal Escape Stage 41-45

Use our complete walkthrough strategy guide to help you escape from all the rooms in Surreal Escape. Please feel free to leave comments if you are still stuck.

Stage 41
Stage 42
Stage 43
Stage 44
Stage 45

Surreal Escape Stage 41

Pick up the pen. Draw your door. You have escaped!
Surreal Escape Stage41 pick up penSurreal Escape Stage41 use pen

Surreal Escape Stage41 doorSurreal Escape Stage41 escaped

Surreal Escape Stage 42

Tap the power button. The circles will light up above. Repeat after them. The door will appear. You have escaped!
Surreal Escape Stage42 1234Surreal Escape Stage42 door

Surreal Escape Stage42 escaped

Surreal Escape Stage 43

Look at the door from the right side. Get clue: 1011 locating at the bottom left. Enter 1011 at the bottom left of the screen. The door is unlocked. You have escaped!
Surreal Escape Stage43 1011Surreal Escape Stage43 Locate number

Surreal Escape Stage43 escaped

Surreal Escape Stage 44

The image on the top left is a open-box layout view of the cube on the bottom right. Tap on the cube to change color. You have escaped!

Surreal Escape Stage44 BoxSurreal Escape Stage44 door

Surreal Escape Stage44 escaped

Surreal Escape Stage 45

Tap on the padlock. Get a clue: You Have a key. Tap on the inventory box. A key will appear. Insert the key. The door is unlocked. You have escaped!
Surreal Escape Stage45 lockSurreal Escape Stage45 key

Surreal Escape Stage45 doorSurreal Escape Stage45 escaped

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