Cabin Escape: Alice’s Story Walkthrough

We have written a detailed guide to help you escape from the locked cabin in Cabin Escape: Alice’s Story.

Alice wakes up locked in a cabin. She is looking for a way to escape. The door key is hidden inside a wall cabinet. Alice needs to collect five wooden crosses in order to unlock the cabinet. The wooden crosses are hidden through out the cabin.

Below is a list of all the parts for you to quickly navigate through the parts of our guide. Have fun! Please let us know if you are still stuck after reading our guide.

Part 1: Exploring the cabin and Finding First Cross
Part 2: Locked Cabinet, Strange Buttons and Finding Second Cross
Part 3: Marble Solitaire and Third Wooden Cross
Part 4: Fireplace and Fourth Wooden Cross
Part 5: Star Dials and Escape the Cabin